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Will You Play Other People’s Music or Write Your Own?

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend and present at a national conference, where I also heard the story of Kai Kight for the first time. When I read the title of the keynote I had no idea this young man’s story would have such an impact. He started off by playing his violin. Oh, I should have mentioned that he is an amazingly talented violinist who no doubt could play wherever he wanted. What I learned right away is that his story was like many of our stories…he was conflicted with what he should be doing versus what he felt called to do. Kai shared his story and path, which is nothing like he (or I for that matter) thought it would be.

He shared how he struggled with his inner critic, such as the path that he was on musically and had worked so hard for, versus what his authentic voice was telling him. He talked about that one voice (the inner critic) can be a roadblock if you let it. Through some very difficult experiences and a lot of self-doubt and second guessing, he was reminded of the power of impacting one person can not only make all of the difference in what direction you go, but also that “success” does not have to look how others may think it should. He eloquently said that you do not have to “play other people’s music” and that you can write your own. So ask yourself…are you writing your own music?

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