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What Am I Supposed To Learn From This?

For a long time, I struggled with the what am I supposed to learn from this question that seemed to always follow a significant loss or “failure”. Whether that loss was personal or was experiencing another’s loss in an attempt to comfort or support, I tried to find the positive and what could be learned from the experience.

In most situations, this was fine and I was able to find comfort by knowing there was something to be learned and even applied to future situations. Other times, it was hard to imagine that anything learned would be beneficial enough to offset that experience or event. One thing I have been blessed to be able to do is to share experiences with others, whether through coaching, training or a simple conversation.

What I have learned from this is that more often than not, people truly do appreciate others’ vulnerability and empathy, when appropriate of course, and the result is usually a deeper understanding and trust. What I definitely know now is that it is not so much what is to be learned from life’s challenges, or detours and potholes along our path as I like to think, but rather just knowing that whatever it is, it is preparing us for the next place along our path. Needless to say…I feel very prepared! What about you?

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